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At Adept we have a genuinely high desire to work with clients to develop an outcome that meets their needs. We pride ourselves on the fact that we listen and work together with our clients flexibly and collaboratively, ultimately resulting in effective health, safety and environment (HSE) risk management.   


As your partner in managing HSE risk we have a single measure of success: that you are happy with the result. Contact us to find out more about how we can work with you.

HSE Management Systems

A HSE Management System provides your organisation with a tailored framework for continuous improvement in managing health, safety and environment risks, including:

  • risk assessment;

  • emergency management; and

  • legislative and regulatory compliance. 


We will work with you to establish new HSE Management Systems through design, development and implementation and support existing systems through detailed gap analysis and reviews.

Taking the time to understand your organisational needs, we build internal capabilities and guide you towards a system fit for purpose.  We identify your HSE risks and provide strategic solutions to manage these risks into the future to improve your health, safety and environment outcomes.


HSE Risk Management

A comprehensive risk assessment of all activities undertaken by your organisation is a key input for an effective HSE management system. We can take you through the systematic approach needed to undertake a complete risk assessment or review your existing risk register and make sure all of your risks are captured, prioritised and managed. We will work with you to:

  • audit current systems/processes;

  • identify and assess HSE risks;

  • identify and assess existing and new controls to reduce the risks; and

  • oversee and support control implementation.


Emergency Management

Emergencies, whether from internal or external causes, can impact your employees, your clients and your organisation. As with all risks, emergency risks can be identified, assessed and controlled to minimise the potential impact and consequences.  We can work with you to identify the emergency risks to your organisation and support you through all or part of the process of managing those risks through preventing, planning for and preparing for those emergencies. We will guide you on:

  • emergency Risk assessment; 

  • emergency management plans; 

  • response and recovery procedures; and

  • training and exercising. 


Environmental Management

We can assist you in managing your environmental risk and meeting your environmental obligations.  Our experience extends across: 

  • design, development and implementation of environmental Management Systems;

  • environmental Risk Management including preparation of environmental aspect and impact registers;

  • gap analysis and review of Environmental Management Systems;

  • establishment of environmental monitoring programs; and

  • regulatory applications and approvals.

We provide legislative and company compliance support, guidance and training in the areas of:

  • dangerous goods and hazardous substances;

  • contaminated land and ground water management; 

  • noise management;

  • waste management; and

  • air emissions management


HSE Resourcing Support

If you find yourself in need of short term HSE support we can assist. Our clients recognise the difficulty in recruiting experienced employees for short time periods or specific projects and have engaged us to assist. 

We have provided resourcing coverage while clients waited for the commencement of new employees and where additional HSE support has been needed due to elevated workload.


Need more details? We're here to assist.

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