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Testimonial: Central Highlands Water

Adept Risk Solutions was engaged by Central Highlands Water in mid-2019 to streamline and improve the numerous safety focussed operating procedures in the Environmental Services team.  Instead of jumping straight to ‘solution mode’ Ashley and his team took the time to fully understand our safety system and deliver a ‘value add’ solution that best helps support CHW on its journey from a compliance-based safety culture to a proactive safety culture.


City Traffic at Night
Zero Waste Store
Transport Infrastructure

Adept conducted a review and gap analysis of the safety management system of a client in the transport sector against the requirements of AS4801 OH&S Certification. The objective was to determine whether the safety management system scope and design supported a safe system of work for employees and contractors of the business. 


We reviewed the client’s documents, conducted site visits to depots and work crews in the field, interviewed business leaders and facilitated a review and update of the business’ OH&S risk register. Where non-compliances were identified they were documented along with an action plan to clearly outline the work required and any opportunities to connect with updates to other organisational systems being undertaken.

Adept undertook an annual audit of the emergency risk management and business continuity processes supporting the VicTrack telecommunications network, designated as vital critical infrastructure under the Emergency Management Act 2013, in accordance with Part 7A (Section 74S) of the Act.


We undertook to fully understand the requirements of the Act and the organisational processes in place through maintaining regular meetings with representatives, a series of interviews with VicTrack staff in relevant roles, mapping the evidence and documentation obtained against the designated criteria and provision of the final report with audit findings, observations and recommendations.



We assisted Vicinity Centres, one of Australia’s leading property groups, in developing their Environmental Management System covering all of their shopping centre assets in Australia.

One aspect of the EMS development included the preparation of risk assessments, procedures and Environmental Management Plans for each of their shopping centres. During this process all centre managers were consulted for their input to ensure that the key environmental risks for their asset were identified and documented. This was used to inform and tailor the EMPs to their specific requirements. 

Once the EMPs were established a series of field site visits were conducted at select assets to verify that the risk assessments had captured key risks and the EMPs were fit for purpose.

We were subsequently reengaged by the client to review and update the environmental risk assessment and Environmental Management Plans as well as to develop an operational waste management procedure.



Adept was initially engaged to review the Safety Management System for the Environment Services Team of Central Highlands Water, with a view to streamlining and improving HSE standard operating procedures (SOPs). An appreciation of the business and current risk register was gained through:

  • meeting with management and relevant executive team leaders to understand key requirements for work;

  • meeting with relevant area supervisors, occupational health and safety representatives and field personnel; and

  • conducting site visits including a sewage treatment plant, a maintenance depot and a major capital project. 

Before reviewing the SOPs, we identified that a review of the risk register supporting the Safety Management System was required. We facilitated risk assessment workshops with each of the business groups to ensure that all stakeholders were included in the process and that the correct control measures had been identified. The organisation’s top HSE risks were agreed on, developed applicable high-risk procedures and redesigned the structure of the HSE management system to make it more user friendly to the workforce.


oil and gast
Oil and Gas

Adept has extensive experience in the Oil and Gas sector covering offshore production facilities and onshore gas plants. We have:

  • provided HSE operations and projects resourcing support during hook-up and commissioning of the Wheatstone platform for Chevron;

  • worked with Lochard Energy in both an operations and projects capacity in improving the HSE Management System and supporting the Project team with expansion plans;

  • ​provided HSE support to the APA Group during the commissioning and operational readiness phases of the Orbost Gas Plant, including working with the commissioning team in developing the management plans and procedures for the site and playing a key role in designing and building the Operations Management System with APA Group personnel, management and external stakeholders. Key deliverables of note were the preparation of the Safety Case and Emergency Response System documentation and development of training and induction processes to support them.


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