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The main goal is to grow the business with the aim of delivering superior returns for our shareholders.

On 9th May 2011, Adept announced that it was seeking to change the activities of the Company from mineral exploration-based operations in order to enter the financial services industry. In early July 2011, Adept completed the acquisition of Emerchants Ltd, a leading issuer of pre-paid cards in Australia.

Emerchants is a broad-based provider of pre-paid financial cards, ranging from reloadable cards through to traditional, single-store gift cards.  Emerchants operates in a burgeoning market, with pre-paid cards growing at a rate of 19.9% per annum over the past 5 years.  Furthermore,  closed loop cards, such as gift cards and pre-paid debit cards, grew by 68% in the same period.

Adept, as a holding company, intends to pursue a multi-faceted growth strategy in order to drive superior shareholder returns.  The Company supports its subsidiaries in accelerating their existing product suites, funding the research and development necessary for launching new products, negotiating strategic alliances with key clients and industry participants, pursuing acquisitions of complementary businesses and, ultimately, international expansion.

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